I paint objects, as I feel them.


Some of the works that define me


Creativity is life and life is creativity



My desire to paint has accompanied me since an early age. In 1999 I began to fulfill my childhood dreams. I exploredvarious art techniques and materials, from oil, dry pastel, collage and ink, to acrylic and watercolor. Lately, acrylic and watercolor are prevailing. I was improving my knowledge and skills through various trainings and under the guidance of many academic painters that were mentoring me. Meetings and co-creation with friends – painters became my lifestyle. I had 17 solo and 80 group exhibitions. So far, I have organized 9 international art colonies.

I received several awards for the selection of works for thematic exhibitions.In 2020 the Association of Art Societies of Slovenia awarded me a silver palette of the highest recognition of the ZLDS for the quality of artistic creativity for the work “Once Upon a Time”.


Crystals, pieces of flooded wood, pebbles, ceramics, strings… materials that awaken my imagination and excite desire to create. I enjoy, relax, and offer jewelry lovers something original and unique.



We eat desserts with our eyes first. They are ideal for creating… when I feel the dough under my hands I am not just a baker but I am primarily a sculptor, a decorator… and I enjoy that process of creating endlessly. Friends are also enjoying the sweet temptations.


Nature gives me various materials. I walk, I feel, I see, I take. In things that others find useless , I recognize the potential. It can be stone, dry grass, ropes, wool, anything…. and there comes a moment when a spark is ignited and it is time to create. I am convinced that I am convinced that the artist’s soul is intertwined in the handmade products, which gives them added value.



Mother Nature gives us everything we need for life and healing. What is more beautiful than walking in the hills and fields, and collecting medicinal herbs and fruits? When I turn these precious gifts of nature into blends for tea drinks, herbal poultice mixtures, tinctures, natural creams … I know I did something good, healthy. This was confirmed by everyone who tried my herbal creations and creams.